Message from the HeadTeacher Madam Abwin Judith Caro

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and invite you to our mighty College Website. I also welcome you to this New Year 2019 and hope the year 2018 was a successful one.
The school is guided by its Vision and Mission:
Adipala High School aims to provide education with values to the area and wider community at large
I extend my appreciation to the Board of Governors under the stewardship of Prof. Adipala Ekwamu. The P.T.A. Executive headed by , Old students Association, the Teaching and Support staff, the students and our dear parents. They have all been very supportive to the school.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce the School and its community to you. We are an energetic, lively community offering a very wide range of activities and opportunities for each person to discover their passion and explore their talents. Our hope is to be a leading secondary school in Uganda . I hope your visit to our Website is worthwhile and enjoyable.

Programs at Adipala High School are stimulating, rewarding and forward looking. They focus on building a holistic person developed by embracing academic progress, the building of character, self-determination, leadership, life skills and development of individual talents.
Students enjoy working in excellent facilities and a beautiful yet quiet environment.